Inappropriately didactic?

Tallis Steelyard


I have mentioned Madam Jeen Snellflort previously. Those who heard her story seemed to divide into two groups. The first group appeared to feel that the lady had made her successful escape from the nightmare that was the Misenbart academy for young ladies, so she would now settle down to quietly living happily ever after. The other smaller group gave the impression that Jeen was destined to do more and perhaps greater things.
The problem was that whilst Jeen had successfully removed herself from education, she couldn’t remove education from herself. Indeed there is much to commend in a life given to educating the younger generation. If there is nothing else, there is the instant obedience of your pupils, the unstinting gratitude of their parents, and the generous recognition of your services by a respectful community.

All these things she missed, and to be honest her new life of wealthy…

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