Ani’s Advent Invitation: The poetic Ape

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I don’t have an Ape… a ferret was the best I could manage…

Okay, I admit, I am a bit confused. I’ve had letters to Santa, Christmas poems and stories from two-legses and four-legses… even from a two-legs who is also a four-legs… but this one is from a two-legs who is almost a four-legs, and a hairy one at that…


Still, even though he is more orange red haired than me, we do have some stuff in common. Apart from liking bananas. My Dad was Irish and a redhead… and you know how I can legitimately claim that nothing is my fault because I’m genetic? Well, it turns out that the Ape is genetic too! That’s why he sent me a poem! The Hairy One inherited his poetic talents from his mother, Agnes Mae Graham and he pubished a collection of her poems last year


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