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D.E. Haggerty

I do a marketing push each month. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed my ‘normal’ marketing strategy – signing a temporarily reduced-price book up for several well-known newsletter services – isn’t working as well lately. So, I’m on the hunt for new marketing strategies. I decided to start with my current pre-order and try something ‘different’. To be perfectly honest, I stole this idea from a BookBub blog. The author, a bestseller no less, gave away previous books in her series to readers who purchased a pre-order of her new release. I thought – wow! This is a great idea. Why hadn’t I thought of this when I was writing a series?

Great idea but how do I actually go about implementing this strategy? There are two issues: (1) gathering emails from readers who have pre-ordered the book, and (2) providing the book to readers. There is a third issue – ensuring readers have…

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