Ani’s Advent Invitation: Roxy’s letter to Santa

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Well, I am finally home! I thought she would never come and get me… It really takes the biscuit when she takes sooo long to comeback. But she says she had to go and see her grandpuppy, you know, the one I introduced to the pond, ’cause she’s been really poorly and had to go in one of those things with sirens to the Big Two-Legs’ Vets, so I s’ppose I’ll let her off.

Anyway, everyone is home again now and our little girlie pup is doing fine, she says… which is good, ’cause no-one wants to be poorly at Christmas.

So, she said she was sorry for not being there and gave me some nice chicken for dinner, and played ball and cuddled me after our walk, just by way of an apology. So I can’t complain… just as long as she doesn’t have anything sneaky up her…

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