Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Christmas Book Fair – Joan O’Hagan, John W. Howell and Jacquie Biggar

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The first book today that I am featuring is by Joan O’Hagan who passed away in 2014. She wrote highly successful books in the 1080s and 1990s which have been re-released by her daughter Denise who tells us about her work. Then a look at Jerome & His Women published by her daughter in 2015.

Hi, I’m Denise, editor and daughter of the author. I’ve edited many books, but tackling my mother’s manuscripts was the most challenging of all, not least because of her temperamental nature. Her first book was published when I was a teenager and, used to the persistent click-clack of typewriter keys, I thought nothing of it. It was only later, wearing my ‘editorial’ hat, that I came to appreciate her accomplishments. The writing process was harder and less forgiving then – no cut-and-paste or control ‘z’, so if you made a mistake you had to…

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