Ever learn?

The Bingergread Cottage

Elaine loved one thing above all others about being a widow: finally she could rant.

Yes, there was nobody in the house since her kids grew up and her husband died (thank God!) but her habit of being out front in the garden gave her some opportunity to communicate.  Just waving at passing cars was a connection, and sometimes she was fairly sure that she recognised the driver.

The woman next door was OK if she was in the right mood but it was a heads/tails situation. Sometimes she would be like a long-lost sister, other times a right stranger but the foreign couple were always nice.

It was mainly the man she saw as he walked the little terrier, Milly, who always came to say “hello” to humans. The woman had said that Milly was maltreated as a puppy  but she was very friendly as an adult dog.


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