Open Book Blog Hop – 4th December

Stevie Turner

This week we have to review a book we’ve recently read.  

Below I’ll share the review I’ve left on Amazon for the number 1 bestseller ‘I Did a Bad Thing: Now it’s Back to Haunt Me’ by Linda Green:

Bad.pngSarah Roberts lives with Jonathan, predictable and boring, who worries about the planet and how the Dalai Lama might feel if she bought milk from an outlet which has invested millions in an oil pipeline in China. Sarah works as a reporter on a local newspaper, and is surprised one day when her old love Nick turns up for an interview.  She and Nick were an item for a long time, and she is still carrying around much emotional baggage, including overwhelming guilt from something that happened several years before. As soon as Sarah sees Nick, all the old feelings she had for him re-surface.

To her horror Nick gets…

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