Ani’s Advent Invitation – The Bear, the Elk and the Sausage Swiper

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

A very special friend, who I met when I was little more than a pup, sent me a poem. It just goes to show, we four-legses pull together when one of us needs help…and I definitely need help staying out of those antlers this year. Mind you, it could be worse… I’ve seen her looking at stuff to threaten me with… She says she would never do it, you know, dress me up as a fairy or an elf… but honest, after the antlers, I don’t trust her. She’s got a weird sense of humour. Warped might be a better word….

Anyway, this friend is a bit confusing. Technically, he’s a two-legs when you meet him. I sat on him to check. But his picture looks like a four legs… and he calls himself after a different four legs… and he seems to trail a lot of four-legses with him…

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