Ani’s Advent invitation: Robbie Cheadle – Christmas letters, now and then

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Day two of the anti-antler campaign and I have a special guest… she writes and makes stuff to eat with her pup, Michael. She has read him my books too… even if my rotten two-legs did put her name on the cover. Still, it’s Christmas…a time of goodwill and peace to all two-legses…so I s’ppose I forgive her. Especially if she might be cooking turkey again this year.

I have a fondness for turkey. It has got me into trouble once or twice. How was I to know she actually planned on eating the rest of that bird? What I say is that she shouldn’t leave the fridge open as if it were fair game. It’s Christmas and all sorts of strange things happen. I thought she meant I should help myself….

The smoked salmon was nice too… she really wasn’t happy about that, though. But if she and my…

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