The Box Under The Bed: A Book Review


A “horror” anthology (and I do use that designation lightly) containing the following stories: ***WARNING*** SPOILERS MAY BE CONTAINED IN THE FOLLOWING

Prologue, The Box Under the Bed part one


Two sisters, Tanya and Eileen, have the unwelcomed task of cleaning up their grandparents’ old house and ready it for sale. In the midst of her work, Tanya discovers some odd treasures under Grandpa’s bed.

What I liked:

A stylistic opening to an anthology. What could all those trinkets mean? Nice atmospheric setting. Creepy in just the right way.

What I didn’t Like:

Nothing to dislike here. It’s short and to the point. A nice way to open a suspenseful anthology.

Passion – Jenifer Ruff


Young Brooke and family check into a beach resort for a little vacation. Brooke feels an urge for fun she hadn’t had in a long time and goes looking to satisfy that hunger.

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