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It is not like we have not got shed loads of ‘stuff’ in boxes in the spare bedroom wardrobe and in the top of the pantry.. so much ‘stuff’ that we will probably not use again… yet every Christmas we look for more ‘stuff’ under the tree.. perhaps we should be like cats and just enjoy ripping the paper off and getting into the boxes for fun.

Anyway.. you know that Paul Andruss is going to worry this one to the death….

Here is an extract from ‘Stuff’ by Paul Andruss. 

Brethren, on this first holy day of the holidays (if indeed not the most sacred day of the season), Blessed Black Friday, let us take time to ponder the true meaning of Christmas.

In the words of that joyous song praising all that Christmas is, let us remember…

I think I’ve gone to hell,

I think I’ll go to…

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