Sleeping Beauty and the Handsome Prince

Stevie Turner

A mother-of-two has claimed Sleeping Beauty should be banned in primary schools   The mother said she was disturbed by the non-consensual kissing in the classic fairytale when the prince wakes up the sleeping princess with a kiss on the lips, and considers the story has specific issues of sexual behaviour and consent.  She says it does nothing to try and change ingrained attitudes to sexual behaviour.

Hmm… are little junior school children specifically concerned with adult sexual behaviour and consent, or are they more engrossed in the fairy story?  I can’t say it ever worried me when I first read it round about the age of 6 or 7.  The majority of little girls yearn to be princesses when they grow up!  My granddaughters had ‘princess’ dressing up clothes when they were younger, but whether they had nightmares of being kissed by a prince without their consent I don’t…

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