No good deed…

The Bingergread Cottage

I went to physiotherapy this morning with the intention of going shopping for Badger’s birthday as I had an opportunity of being alone.

Unfortunately I learned there that one of my neighbours in the village had died so I went straight from the medical centre to the funeral home to say my goodbyes to him. We still have that old custom of “viewing the body” here.  So, said my words to George, patted his arm, kissed my fingers and laid them on his forehead and said the tradtional “Bonne nuit” as if he were just asleep. Wrote a quick message in the condolences book from both of us, then sped off to the shops to buy cards (birthday and condolance)

Our new adopter GingerPop hasn’t always had a great relationship with Badger so he bought him a huge box of assorted biscuits (payback) and a gorgeous card which is mis-spelt…

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