12 Things To Consider Before Dating A Sorceress #MondayBlogs #Supernatural #Witch @Ivyloganauthor

Lucy Mitchell

I am really enjoying my Advice For Dating Paranormal Creatures Blog Series. 

Spell casters have always intrigued me and I bet they would make memorable dates. A good selection of levitation spells would make intimate moments interesting and the fear of having an awful curse placed on you after an argument would ensure you always washed up your dishes, put your clothes in the laundry bin and cleaned the house every week. This sounds like fun! I am now sat wondering why I never became a sorceress.

For this post author Ivy Logan has kindly offered to provide the advice. Ivy Logan is extremely passionate about stories steeped un mythical folklore, ancient myths, legends and suffused with the magic of unique realms and supernatural worlds.

She’s currently working on a book series about blue haired sorceresses so she knows what to expect from these mysterious creatures.


So, here is Ivy…

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