Smorgasbord Weekly Round Up – Christmas Promotions, ABBA, 1984, Garlic and Onions and a cast of many

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Welcome to this week’s round up and the last before we really get the Christmas party started. I have posted about some of the festive promotions but one more to come… you knew there had to be a party at some point didn’t you?  I will post about that next week so that you can get your contributions ready.

This week like much of the UK we have had bitterly cold weather with the first frosts. From my kitchen window I can watch the sparrows that live in our hedge as they twirl on the feeders and gather in a gang on the extra seed I put on the ground. The fat ball feeder attracts the various tit species and also the starlings. Their beaks break up the fat much quicker and being messy eaters crumbs gather on the ground below.. Where they are eagerly awaited by both sparrows and…

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