Job Description: The Writer’s Teenage Offspring #SundayBlogShare #Writers


Job: Vacancy: The Writer’s Teenage Offspring

About The Role: 

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a teenager to help support their writer parent throughout their literary journey.


Can vary each week and will be dependent upon:

  • Hormone levels of the teenager (and their female writer parent).
  • The state of the teenager’s bedroom.
  • Teenage skin outbreaks.
  • The teenager’s financial situation.
  • The teenager and their writer parent’s love of social media. Hours of work will be dictated by the teenager’s love of Snapchat and their writer parent’s obsession with Twitter.
  • The teenager’s social life.
  • Whether or not their writer parent is required to give the teenager a lift in the next half hour.


  • The job will be based in the family home.

Key Duties / Responsibilities: 

  • Must be able to show minimal interest in their writer parent’s work.
  • Must be able to eye roll and mutter “OMG this is so…

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