Heartfelt thanks…

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This has been a truly horrible, frightening and grief-inducing week. Some of it I have shared on here; other parts I am not going to discuss in an open forum.

I did not go to the Glastonbury Frost Fayre yesterday (though, as my blog post from a year ago shows, it is an event I absolutely adore) because I felt too vulnerable and bowed down by sadness.

However, I have been upheld by the love and support of friends near and far – and this has made such a huge difference to my own quality of life during Jumble’s death and the inevitable mourning aftermath.

Thank you to everyone: To lovely friends who live in Scotland; to kind and caring people who abide in other countries, counties and towns; to my band of pals and fellow performers in Shadow of the Tor; to my lad and his lass…

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