Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The morning dawned clear, it was frosty and cold
But the sun was ablaze in the sky…
I was off to my son’s with my wet weather gear,
In the hope that I’d stay warm and dry.

‘Cause I thought I’d continue from where I’d left off,
With the jet-washing, weeding and stuff,
Wasn’t long, I was cold, wet and muddy again,
Pretty soon I had had quite enough.

But I just could not face yet another wet day,
So I thought that I should persevere.
It couldn’t take that long to finish the job,
Pretty soon I would have it all clear.

The optimist hopes where the pessimist sighs
And the realist laughs in their wake,
So half a day later, I’m nowhere near done,
And I’m really beginning to ache.

I can’t feel my hands or my feet very much,
Just a tingle that borders on pain,

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