#27 – The Tale of the Heart of a Spider

The Daily Tales of Gregg Savage

Once upon a time, in a wall far from where you live, there lived a family of ants who were happy and content living their ant lives. They were always very busy; carrying the pieces of meat they had found on the kitchen sink or breaking apart biscuits the humans had left on the floor of their kitchen. In fact, they were so busy, that they had not even noticed that there had been a spider living amongst them all this time.

The spider had first decided to live with the ants many years ago when he was attending the local Spider School. It was there that they showed him what a spider’s life should be like, and although he quite enjoyed being taught how to build webs and jump incredibly high, he didn’t feel good about having to catch and trap flys or eat grasshoppers. So, one day, on…

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