Backstone Circle – a Very Strange Encounter

Walking with a Smacked Pentax

As I write this post I know some of you may find difficulty in believing what I am about to tell. But I assure you it is all true. I have passion for weird places and coupled with my love for archeology, walking and photography it was inevitable that I would be drawn to one of the most eerie of places on a very eerie moor. I had little idea what I would encounter there.

Backstone Circle

Very few people have heard of ‘Backstone stone circle’ on Rombalds moor. It just isn’t very well known – and besides it is very difficult to find. You don’t see it until you are a few feet from it – and it is nestled in very long grass. The circle stones are 3 to 5 ft high and there are about a dozen of them. Also, there is almost nothing about it on the internet.

Backstone Circle Late…

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