Wide Awake Asleep

Jennifer C. Wilson

Wide Awake Asleep Full ScheduleToday, I’m part of the tour for a fascinating-sounding book, by Louise Wise, Wide Awake Asleep. Here, Louise tells us her own experience of timeslipping…

I believe in time travel.

There I’ve said it. You heard it and you’re thinking, ‘Has she lost the plot? Time travel is impossible.’

Yes, in the sense that we’ve been led to believe it is impossible, but what about ghosts? Aren’t they a kind of time-travel (spirits of our past). Not the ghoulies from our childhood that made us terrified at night, but the odd and scary moment of seeing someone or something that you know couldn’t be there. That moment.

Now, my belief is that these aren’t ghostly spirits or lost souls, we’re not being visited at all. It is us who are the visitors, not vice versa; we are glimpsing the past. Still not sure?

Okay, when I was a child…

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