Stepping Outside Our Comfort Zones.

Stevie Turner, Indie Author.

Sam hates anybody helping him, and when Leon kindly offered to drain down our ‘van’ (our holiday home) for the winter, he shook his head and told him quite firmly that he could do it himself.  He is currently hopping about on one leg and 2 crutches until the end of November, and cannot carry anything or do anything much otherwise he’d fall over.  Nevertheless, he told Leon that we were going down to the Isle of  Wight to drain down the van ourselves.  Leon looked at me, I looked at him, and both of us rolled our eyes.

So yesterday we set out for the Island, with me driving as Sam’s leg is in a cast.  It’s 200 miles from sunny Suffolk to the Isle of  Wight, and the journey involves negotiating the A14, M11, and M25 motorways and many miles of the A3.  I’m only used to driving…

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