Old haunts…

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“I thought we could maybe have a run out to St Nick’s…”
“That’s odd, I’d been thinking it was about time we had a wander out there…”
There was a time when that little patch of Buckinghamshire was our playground. The breadcrumb trail of clues we were following had taken us to just about every ancient church in the area, as we tried to piece together the strange and alternative history we were being shown that would eventually end up in our books. But, the story has led us ever-further afield, so it has been a while since we revisited our old haunts.

The twelfth century church of St Nicholas at Great Kimble was among the first we had visited together. We knew nothing at all about ecclesiastical architecture or the particular language of symbolism that is found in the stained glass and artworks. We knew even less about the…

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