And sometimes I get a chance to just sit!

Tallis Steelyard

And sometimes I just sits

Have you noticed how the easy way to drive some people into a frenzy of indignation is to just sit quietly and relax? It is as if quiet enjoyment is some sort of depraved abomination and anybody indulging in it must be driven back to the paths of righteousness as rapidly as possible.

Thus and so I was sitting at my ease, watching the winter sun turning the clouds into flame. I freely admit that I was sipping a glass of a rather excellent white wine, but in my defence the bottle had been opened at lunchtime and it would have been criminal not to finish it whilst it was at it’s best.

I also had my pen out, with a sheet of paper, so that if pressed I could claim to be writing poetry, but frankly, appreciating the sunset took most of my attention and savouring the wine took…

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