5 Things I Have Learned About Writing Second Books #SundayBlogShare @bookish_yogi


I have invited author Rachel Burton back to guest post on BlondeWriteMore for several reasons:

  1. Her last guest post, ‘5 Things I Wish I had Known Whilst Writing My First Novel, did well and it resulted in me smiling at my blog stats bar graph.
  2. I have just finished reading her debut novel, ‘The Many Colours of Us’ and it has taken me a few days to get over it. I believe this is a sign of a good book. If you haven’t read it check this out for an opening – young woman discovers she has inherited millions from her famous father, who she’d never met and whilst she is recovering from the shock of this, finds herself dumped by her boyfriend of ten years, who wants to go work in America. This start certainly made me sit up in my reading chair!
  3. I think the subject of writing…

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