Sweetie Man

I love the way you write, Frank. You manage to make it all so simple and yet complex, something I wish I could do…

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Short fiction for Stevie Turner’s November contest.

Sweetie Man

“Where did you get that?”

Six-year-old Jake does not say “What?”. His expression says it for him. His mum has used that tone of voice, the one that makes him think he’s done something wrong. Only, he hasn’t.

“You’re sucking a sweet. Where did you get it?”

“A man.” Jake’s older sister has come to his rescue. She’s eight.

“Man? What man?” Mum still seems to be on the warpath, but why?

She’s still talking. Still asking questions. “What have I told you about taking sweets from strangers? Even talking to them. I expected better from you Evie. You’re supposed to take care of your brother.”

Both children look at the ground and shuffle their feet.

“It’s only sweets. He’s just moved into the house on the corner. You said we should be nice to the neighbours.”

Their Mum’s tone…

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