My #BookReview of #LiteraryFiction Black Gold by Augustine Sam @austin_sam001

Rosie Amber

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Black Gold is literary fiction and follows the lives of two recent graduates. Femi is Nigerian by birth and has a top chemistry degree. Jessica is American and has a degree in economics. They fell in love whilst studying at their Italian university and married on graduation day.

Within a week of graduation, Femi has two top job offers. One is disguised as a research chemist for VenChemical, but Femi soon discovers they really want to make use of his Nigerian background. He is sent to bribe a top minister about a new oil partnership deal.

I think the author had a good set of plot ideas. I liked the trouble his interracial marriage caused when the couple met his parents and I liked the parts set in Italy; the author’s knowledge of the country made them believable. The…

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