My Temple is the Sky

Sun in Gemini

Sunset Pearl flowers+sun - 1

My temple is the sky,

Which speaks to me 

In passing moments

Too brief to truly capture

But not too brief to see


My hearth and home

Is this, our earth, enraptured

My body-brain became its child 

And yet, ‘I’ am a child of sun

And, in me, loved, as in you

Ascends a different eye


My solace is the ocean

Which fills the Earth with fluid life

The eye that rises feels and knows

The arrow of its suffering

The archer’s keen intent and goal

The force behind the wish, unleashed


The eye that was the earth 

And drank the wine of life

Now raises sight to fire of sky

And sees beyond

Wherein the seeker, sought

Becomes the arrow’s path

From fragile fingers long relaxed


My temple is the Sky,

Which speaks to me 

in passing moments

Too brief to truly capture

But not…

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