The Frightening World of Self-Publishing

Anna Dobritt -- Author


The Frightening World of Self-Publishing

As I’m writing, lurking in the back of my mind is — What do I do next? This refers to publishing your work. Unlike the old days, back before the internet, a writer had only one option; submitting their work to a publisher. In most cases, that meant having to find an agent first. Now, we have the wonderful world of eBooks. Anyone that can put words on the screen can become a published writer.

There are many places to sell these eBooks — Amazon, Barnes & Noble, even Smashwords. Another way is selling directly to the reader, cutting out the middle man and keeping all the profit for yourself. I’m planning on publishing through Amazon. Although I have to admit, selling directly to the reader is much more attractive.

 Since I’m working on a shoestring budget, a shoestring that’s broken and frayed; I need…

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