Tark And Mara Reluctantly Agree To Appear On That Dreadful Blog

Tara Sparling writes

Tark and Mara Reluctantly Agree To Appear On That Dreadful Blog Not as good as Tark and Mara’s Jackson Pollock, but this hangs in NY MOMA nonetheless “I just don’t see why you even agreed to do it.” Mara’s lower lip – the only noticeably puffy part of her body since 1987 – protruded in annoyance. “She hasn’t treated you well. She hasn’t treated us well. I won’t see you rode roughshod over, Tark, I just won’t. I mean, that’s MY job.”

Tark’s ordinarily demonic eyebrows softened into an expression of benign malevolence. He sighed. “You must see past the superficial snub, my mercurial mayflower. Let her think we’re doing her a favour. We have our own agenda, and that dreadful Spaldling woman is but a means.”

Mara’s bony elbows folded themselves into submission. “I checked, and it’s been over twelve months since we last featured on that humourless, talentless, revenueless blog. Andthen she just crooks her little finger, and you…

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