8 Peculiar Things About Blogging I Will Never Understand #SundayBlogShare #Blogging


I have been blogging for about three years and one of the reasons why I am still doing it is because for me, every blogging day is different. I never know which posts are going to do well and which ones are going to tank. I can’t predict who will read my posts because different blog readers pop up all the time and the comments I get on my posts are always varied.

There are also some strange things about blogging which I still don’t understand.

  1. The blog post you spend the least amount of time on will always perform the best. Why does this happen? You can spend hours crafting an amazing post and then more hours marvelling it. As you press publish you find yourself getting emotional as it looks like a work of blogging art. To your dismay it generates a pathetic response from readers and leaves…

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