Pink Peonies – Short Story Fiction

Random Bits of Trial and Error

Annie Patterson, adorned with knit hat, work gloves, winter coat, and garden rake, walked from the back of the house to her sprawling front lawn.  She rounded the corner and beheld a magnificent view.  Blanketed across the yard, in a haphazard pattern, were varying shades of yellow, orange, brown, green, and vivid reds.  This time of year her maple, sycamore, and elm trees collaborated in weaving an elaborately colored quilt covering the ground, as if to protect it from the frost that started a couple of weeks ago.   The palette was intense and vibrant in its sheer randomness, and she loved how the crisp leaves made a muffled crunching sound beneath her feet.   With the weatherman’s predicted forecast for the first snow of the year, her morning project was the daunting task of removing the leaves.   She started to rake the ground and gather the leaves into huge piles of…

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