D.G. Kaye on growing self-esteem

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In mid-August I was honored by a request to write an article for blogger Debby Gies, (author D.G. Kaye), so that she could spend her time getting her latest book ready for publication.

I chose to focus on the brain-based benefits to those of us who take frequent vacations between the pages of a book.

(CLICK HERE to read the entire article on her site)

I had a wonderful time putting something together for the writing/reading followers of Debby’s blog.  However, I made her promise that she would write something suitable for the readers of ADDandSoMuchMORE.com — as soon as she had a bit of that illusive free-time that seems to be in short supply for…

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5 thoughts on “D.G. Kaye on growing self-esteem

  1. Thanks so much for the reblog. I love you, Deb loves you – and anybody still struggling with self esteem who hasn’t read Words We Carry will love you for making them aware of this book (not a “how-to” but rather a “how I did”). Personal stories often carry the best lessons. ❤

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