Quantum Wanderlust – Guest Post by, Craig Boyack…

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Thanks for having me back, Chris. In the spirit of author promotions, I want to talk about anthologies today. Maybe even weave in a bit of my own promotion while we’re at it.

Authors are constantly looking for ways to expand their footprint. We blog, we promote, we’re out there on social media. Sometimes we neglect other things in life because we have to do a certain amount of this stuff.

They say one of the best forms of promotion is to write your next book. I believe this is true. Promoting the same book for five years may move a few copies, but when you have multiple titles, subsequent sales happen. The reader enjoyed your new project, so they went back and read some of the older titles.

Anthologies kind of work the same way, only they allow us to piggyback along with other authors. That author’s fans pick…

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