What a difference a year makes…

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

Guest blog post by a co-author ofThe Box Under The Bed,Juliet Nubel

3e84653095de7a4e64cd36280c8b4ad8 author Juliet Nubel

At exactly this time last year my daughter had just set up my very own WordPress blog:omgimfifty.com.

After months of jotting in a bedside journal and being unable to decipher the majority of my messy scribblings, I had begged her to help me turn my bedtime writing habit into an anytime, anywhere, legible online diary.

On October 2nd 2016 I shakily pushed the ‘publish’ button and my very first blog post became visible to the world (ie my parents and my sister).

October 1st 2017, one of my short stories was published in the scary anthology The Box Under the Bed

and hopefully many more people will be reading my words and enjoying them as much as my family do (well, they always say they do anyway).

From baby blogger to…

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