Fantastic! Mister Fox…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Bone-white winter gleams in the moonlight.
Silent shadows hunt in the night….
The Hunter’s Moon sails above dark hills, caught in the empty fingers of the treetops.
A mysterious company gathers, kindling the flames of the dance;
arcane patterns of fire woven in the blackness
to the beat of the drums.
Silent as ghosts in the darkness, the demon dogs follow their trail,
lurking in the night to watch…
the battle for the dancing ground is about to commence…

And we will be watching…

Mister Fox will battle the white-faced hounds beneath the Hunter’s Moon, this Saturday at around half past eight…in the grounds of:

Wortley Men’s Club & Institute,
Reading Room Lane,
Wortley Village,
S35 7DB

We will be there…will you?

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