Betas, Sales, and Scary Books

Allison Maruska

Time for a quick update post! There are lots of things going on.

IMG_3450First, The Seventh Seed has been with beta readers for about a week, and feedback is starting to come in! I received this about ten minutes ago:

Now down to business, Wow!! Whooeeeeee!
What a story! Thank you, thank you a thousand times!

That’s just fun to read.

Don’t worry – that beta reader also had notes about typos and the occasional wonky sentence or implausibility. This is the kind of beta reader every author needs.

I’m making changes and gearing up for release day (keep an eye out for a future post about that – there’s a party involved. Just saying). If you can read the book in a week and want to be a second-round beta, send me a message via the Contact Me page.

In other news, 2/3 of the Project Renovatio trilogy is…

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