Awakened and Enlightened ..Guest Post by Tallis Steelyard



Did I not promise you of great things to come?  I told you that I would be part of a team that would present fiction in a new way.  I am installment eight.  You know that little kid near the end of the line, costume on and ready to hit the stage and delight you.  Then the IT gremlins came out to play and put a halt to things at about installment four or five, so just to get the you in the mood I started posting from the beginning the installments.  Well! Gremlins conquered and we are ready to rock. So I am posting my part YEA! and below that I will have the links to the foregoing.

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Awakened and enlightenedAwakened and Enlightened

I decided it was time I made my way back towards home. One thing repeated exile…

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