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I just wanted to get a quick shower
But decided ablutions can wait
There’s the spider from hell in my bathtub
He’s the size of a small dinner plate.

He was fine when he lived in the kitchen,
And I coped with him out in the hall…
But the bathroom’s a different matter
I don’t like him in there at all.

I’d hate him to go down the plughole,
For one thing, he’s too fat to fit!
Inadvertently stepping upon him?
I wouldn’t like that, not a bit!

Just supposing he goes for the popcorn
And then leers at me over the tap?
Or he fancies a snack more substantial?
I’d be out of the bath in a snap!

But this morning, he’s once again missing,
Now I worry where he’s gone to hide
As I shake out the folds of the towel
Just in case its in there he…

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