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I hadn’t gone out with the intention of taking photographs, so didn’t have my camera. This was too good an opportunity to miss though, so out came the phone.

Plas Mawr was thought to be the finest town house of the Elizabethan period in Britain. 

The owner, Robert Wynn, was a prosperous merchant who loved grandeur. His house, built between 1576 and 1585, said to have cost around £800, reflects his status and wealth. 

The splendid ornamental plaster work is much in evidence and fully restored or replicated. The initials RW can be found in the crests and coats of arms around the house.

The elaborate plaster work above the fireplace in the hall.

Many of the furnishings and artefacts are original and the rooms have been created and laid out to give an authentic flavour of the life of a wealthy family during the Elizabethan era, evoking the feeling…

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