The Eye of The Storm

Pilgrim's Way

PathThere are times, I think, when ritual is both too much and not enough. Anyone who practises will probably understand what I mean. The ‘constraints’ of ritual pattern and structure are, on occasion, insufficient to meet the needs of the spirit, and instead one feels a deep and overwhelming need for something simpler…more spontaneous. This past equinox was just one of those occasions.

After yet another tiring day of extreme work-related stress and upset I went for my usual chill out time in the garden with a brew. I found a large stone in the garden which I sat holding and turning over and over in my hand whilst watching the sun begin His western decent. I started to reflect on the week, the month, the season, the year and all those things which have been, the things I’ve not achieved, the reasons why I haven’t achieved them, the things…

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