Allowing Darkness in – and Banishing it!

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

It is half four in the morning. For the third night in two weeks, I am agitated, sleepless, afraid. My own fault: On all three occasions, I have allowed darkness, will-to-power and another’s agenda, into my heart, my mind or my actual living space.

Sometimes, we have to learn the hard way, don’t we? Sometimes, we can be too trusting, too easily taken in by another’s Glamour (in the magical sense) or rage or – and this one is horribly true for me – completely bowled over by a dominant personality.

But – and this next comment goes far beyond my own foolish gullibility – when we summon darkness, whether deliberately or inadvertently, we have to take full responsibility and be willing to banish it – acknowledge it and ease it out – afterwards.

I am, as I have said many times before, easily silenced and intimidated. I am also…

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