Hints for making your blog title catchy #MondayBlogs #AmWriting

D.E. Haggerty

In today’s world where we have an overwhelming amount of information to sift through every day and little time in which to do such sifting – let alone the reading itself – producing interesting and well-written blogs is not enough. Unless you already have a HUGE following (if so, let me know how you did it), you need to also find people who want to actually read your blogs. I’ve written a lot about the so-called author platform. Today’s blog is not about that. Today, I’m simply going to talk about blog titles.

Why does your blog article need a catchy title?

captureCapture interest. Unless your title catches my interest, I won’t be reading your blog. I follow a ton of blogs for various reasons. I want to be informed about the writing industry, I want to find new books to read, and I just plain want to be informed…

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