It is, in some way, an experiment.

Tallis Steelyard

Tallis Steelyard and the Monster of Bell-Wether Gardens

Poets have many defining qualities. The tendency to break out into verse even when the situation doesn’t really warrant it, a larger capacity for decent wine than their purse can pay for, and the habit of trying something new.

I’ve seen poets try many new things in my time. Most of us flee our creditors,  Lancet Foredeck adopted the entirely novel approach of confronting them face to face and denouncing them and whatever it is they sold him in no uncertain terms. Indeed I once saw him berate a pitifully weeping wine merchant who fled before him along the Ropewalk.

This approach, like many others that rely on novelty, work for only so long before the world studies them and seeks to devise a counter. Thus faced with Lancet’s most impressive techniques, his creditors provided themselves with earplugs, signed testimonials from satisfied customers, and in extreme cases, burly club-wielding assistants.

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