My #Bookreview of #RomCom Little White Lies and Butterflies by @SuzieTullett @bombshellpub

Rosie Amber

My review:

Little White Lies And Butterflies is a #RomCom set on the Greek island of Kalymnos. Fresh, fun and upbeat. I LIKED IT!

Lydia Livingston is on the brink of her 30th birthday. With a long list of requirements for the perfect husband, she despairs at ever finding ‘The One’. Leaving behind a trail of dating disasters, she announces to her family that she’s off to spend her wedding fund and make some serious decisions about her life.

Kalymnos provides sun, sea, sand and escape from life as an eternally single café waitress. But the universe hasn’t stopped messing with Lydia. She finds her accommodation is above a Taverna. To rub salt into her wounds, they have a family wedding planned. On top of this, the place attracts the climbing fraternity who, according to Lydia, insist on wearing ridiculously unsuitable clothing. She’s determined to stay away from men…

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