Sympathy? No…Mother-figure. Counsellor. Listener. Self-healing required.

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

I am not asking for sympathy in this post, simply explaining a weakness within my own character and my determination to deal with it!

Since childhood, I have been a listener – and a good one at that. From my earliest years, people told me I should train to be a counsellor, and friends  – later children at school and even colleagues – have always confided in me, often sharing deep and dark secrets.

Long before I actually gave birth, I was a mother-figure, to children in my various tutor groups, to other adults, to other people’s offspring.

But, my boundaries – in this and so much else – have always been weak and easily blown away by another’s storm of emotion. Because I am empathetic, and thus able to feel another’s pain, I find it almost impossible to say, ‘No!’ or to close the door of my heart…

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