Stevie Turner

I learned another thing from our holiday with Sam’s sister and her husband last week:

Vicky and Jim arrived in a brand new motorhome (very similar to the one in the featured image), and we were invited in to have a look.  It certainly has all the mod-cons; cooker, carpeting, foldaway table, microwave, TV, shower, chemical toilet and central heating.  In fact it has everything we have in our holiday home except for one thing – space.  When the double bed was folded down then it became a little too cosy for me, to the effect that even the proverbial swinging feline might protest!

I tried to imagine what I’d feel like with two of us in the motorhome when all the blinds were down at night, the double bed down, and the door locked.  It didn’t take me long to realise I’d probably feel claustrophobic and want to unlock the door and…

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