Write Better Books: “Start” and “Suddenly”

Dan Alatorre

dan your humble host

One of these days I’m gonna write a book series called Write Better Books in which I tackle all the rookie mistakes new writers make – and hey, I made them, too, which is why I’m helping you not make them.

Until the book series comes out, you’ll see my latest frustrations expressed here in the blog.


What’s my beef with that word? Seems okay.

Well, I’ll tell ya.

Don’t use it.

As in, don’t start.

We don’t start to do things, we do them.

Whatever the steps are in the “start” phase, that’s the things your characters are doing. Say those things.

  • You don’t start to wash a car (telling) you gather a sponge and a bucket (showing).

  • You don’t start to run, you lace up your running shoes and eye the path with swelling excitement.

  • It doesn’t start to rain, the opening salvo of…

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