Notes from a small dog – How to fix your human

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Well, you might have noticed the two-legs has been a bit quiet… she had to go to the vet, the one with the knives… and we four-legses know that’s never a good sign. Some of my boy dog friends can attest to that! So, she packed me off to stay with my friends for a couple of nights… and you should have seen the state of her when they finally let me come home. Not a pretty sight! And the little whimpers and moans…she sounded like a sick cat…

She says the two-legs vets do stuff like this all the time, so I’m not to worry, but it does get to you after a while. When I’m not well, she strokes my ears and lets me have the sofa. Yeah, I know I always have the sofa anyway…but when I’m poorly, she actually lets me have it.

So, I got…

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