Hurricane update: we’re fine 

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

Hi gang!

Most of you know I live in Tampa, Florida, site a big hurricane situation for the last… oh, WEEK or so.

Last night Irma rolled through.
Bottom line, we’re fine.

Lots of wind and not too much rain, zero flooding at our house. (My fireplace dripped for a few hours, but what are you gonna do – technically it’s a hole in the roof, isn’t it?)

We have several tree limbs down in the yards and no electrical power yet – that cut out at about 8pm last night – but the phone lines and cell towers never stopped working, so we were able to stay current on important updates on Facebook. (Gotta have a cat meme fix on occasion, you know?)

Today we’ll fire up the generator and cook some stuff from our fridge outside on our gas grill and watch DVDs while we await the return…

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